One of our PAWS supporters lives in the country, and she feeds the wildlife around her home which includes deer, birds, and squirrels. Add to that menagerie a clowder of nine “working” cats. These were all animals found by the highway after the ex-owners just dumped them and drove away.  You get the picture.

Her clowder cats were all neutered with the help of the PAWS TNR Program and kept as working cats.  The cats stay outside and keep her few acres clear of excess rodents and snakes and in return she pays them with food and water. They are working cats.

Here is her story:

“It was evening about sundown when I opened the back door to check on my animals before turning in.  There! Too weak to scamper away was a tiny black lump of fur.  The kitten was dehydrated and could not even walk. It barely had its listless eyes open. And, its round head seemed surreal compared to the tiny size of the starved little body.

All of my animals were neutered, so I was sure this was not my kitten. I am guessing that one of my females, still feeling pre-spay maternal, found the kitten abandoned in the woods by a feral cat and brought it to me knowing she could not feed it.

The next few hours were slow going.  I finally got a few drops of nutrient milk down the foundling which I then wrapped in a blanket and placed in a shallow box on the porch. I wondered if it could even survive the night as the kitten was so weak. But maybe, just maybe, the birth mother would claim it.

The next morning the kitten was still in the box and more alive than the night before. But I still knew a kitten this frail needed more attention than I could offer. I already had a full-time out of the house job, two older inside cats, and am helping to care for an elderly parent.

I needed solutions, fast. Once at work, I began telling my story to co-workers hoping someone there needed a cat. It turns out someone did have a momma cat still feeding a couple of her kittens who were already eating solid food.

What could be better for a starved kitten than hot meals and an instant family?

But will the momma cat agree to my plan and accept another cat’s kitten?

(stay tuned for part 2 of this story)