Diesel was from an “unexpected litter” of pups. He was never truly homeless but life with a litter of growing puppies was crowded and changes had to be made. To his credit, Diesel was different. He had the personality we wished we could find in other humans: happy, sweet, loving, gentle, and non-judgemental. It is easy to see why Diesel was quickly adopted by a family friend.

Rascal had it tougher. He found himself homeless at 4 weeks old on a house doorstep not even 100 feet from a busy 4-lane highway. Cats in Rascal’s situation chances for a full life were slim to none. It took the homeowner 3 days to catch that wild cat…hence the name “Rascal’. The homeowners confirmed that Rascal put a real fight-to-the-death effort.

Rascal was quickly put up for adoption in an office full of animal lovers. Good fortune was soon to smile on Rascal because compassion seems to run high in some families. Not a situation he would have chosen, Rascal ended up with a puppy as a roommate.

But it was not just any puppy…it was Diesel and the homeless pair were soon best friends. But, you know, all it takes is love…right…well, love and a home.

Life is full of opportunities. There are animals everywhere that need love and a home.