This is “Bob” but his name is not short for Robert.  The name of “Bob” stuck for more obvious reasons.

Not long ago, Bob was a community cat that lived just on the edge of town.  And though Bob was homeless, last winter Bob literally begged a human to be let in from the cold and maybe a meal.

Bob quickly learned to enjoy the comforts of human kindness, daily meals and the nighttime protection of a barn where he was not shooed away.  His Rescuer learned how nice it was to have a new friend with a winning personality like Bob’s.

Bob needed a home and his rescuer, Ms. Johnna, needed a cat with no tail named Bob.  And, just like that, their deal was finished.

To make a long story short, Bob has recently been inducted into the spay/neuter society.  And, after the induction ceremony, Bob was re-homed into Johnna’s a bonafide citified family home.

Stay tuned for updates from Bob.